Welcome: Gaylord Mexican Restaurant!

I Jose being the head chef of this restaurant, I have a witnessed the stepping stones our restaurant has gone through. The journey has been challenging but with the good will of all the stake holders we have fought a good fight. This restaurant started from scratch but today we have something to be proud. This is because Gaylord Mexican restaurant is one of the best and accomplished dining restaurant. Apart from what you are hearing from me our guests from all over the world, who have tasted our meals can testify that what you get from this restaurant is quite uncommon.

The pioneers of this restaurant nurtured the vision of making it the best globally. Nobody could have thought that it could be that fast. But as the wise English man said that ‘unity is strength’ this kind of spirit has contributed the great achievement of the restaurant. Alongside the unison of the staff and non-staff there are other factors that qualified Gaylord restaurant as most ideal for dining. They include;

  • Excellent managerial skills

All the managers of this restaurant are quite professional. I can assure you that despite their high positions they have a down to earth attitude. This is depicted by their eagerness to listen to the subordinate staff. Everybody’s opinion at this restaurant counts. Each worker including the cleaners are handled with the respect they deserve. With this kind of leadership the restaurant formed unshakable foundation.

  • High respect to the Authorities

Every country has rules that ought to be observed. Our restaurant has lived by a philosophy, obeying rules to the letter is the highway to progress. We have tried to our level best to avoid any misunderstandings with the country`s authority. And this is precisely the reason why we offer quality and up to date food as required by the food department ethics.

  • Reasonable Wages To The Workers

Any achievement we have got in this restaurant is as a result of the efforts of every stakeholder. In that case motivating the workers has always been in the heart of the managers. Our wages is increased bit by bits and our welfare taken care of. In this case the workers are full of enthusiasm when conducting their duties. That’s why you will never regret a single coin you have spent to dine in this restaurant, for you will agree that it was worth dining there.

We have lost nothing by taking all the risks we have taken so far. On the contrary we have got our way into our customers’ hearts through excellent services and quality diets.

Your Head Chef Jose!

Chef Jose